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Trouble logging in at CHERUBS?

Posted on: December 17, 2008

If you’re having any trouble logging on to the site, the following are administrators for the site and can help you get logged in:

Stephanie –
Barb –
Danielle –
Corin –
Tara –
Dawn –

Send an e-mail and they will be with you as soon as they can! Thank you for your patience!!


1 Response to "Trouble logging in at CHERUBS?"

I think this is great to have a local blog for Cherubs. My daughter was born just over a year ago, and I still have yet to speak to parents in the same situation. The Cherubs site can be hard to log into sometimes,so thanks for putting this together!

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  • None
  • pacherubs: Would love to see you guys there is you can Kels!!
  • Kelsey: I hope that our family can come, but it is kind of a long drive. We are moving to Ohio in July, so maybe we will have to plan a trip to Ohio that week
  • pacherubs: You are so very welcome Kylene! I will keep you updated and look forward to hopefully seeing you at the get together!


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